signs you have pests in your home

Signs You Have Pests in Your Home

There is nothing worse than dealing with a pest infestation, and it can be overwhelming when you think you may have pests living in your home. Bugs and rodents can do horrible damage to your home’s structure and other components in the buildings. Controlling and removing pests can become quite costly, and it is something we all hate spending money on.

Infestations can get out of hand fast and go from a minor problem to a major one which is why if you are buying a home you must get it inspected to check for pests or rodents.



Bad odors

 Possums, insects, and different rodents all leave bad odors behind them, which is most likely caused by their excrement, remains, and urine. If your home starts to have a foul or musty smell, then it could indicate you have pests or rodents living in your home. Fouls smells can also be due to rotting animal carcasses in or around your home. To get rid of this smell, Carcass removal is required and should be organized through experts.



Gnaw marks or holes

 It is a good idea to look for holes around your home, such as on walls, wooden trimming, and framing and doors. Check your wiring to see if it has been chewed or stripped as mice and rats love to chew on this sort of thing.



Greasy stains or tracks

 If you notice grease marks on the floor or droppings in cupboards, it could indicate rodents have made a home for themselves in your house. Rats and mice like to leave their droppings in cupboards and draws, and greasy marks can appear from their fur.



Termite activity

 Termites are arguably the worst kind of pest that you can have in any type of building. Termites can weaken and destroy the structure of homes and quite quickly. Damaged or weakened wood, fine sawdust piling up in certain places, and wings that have been shed all indicate a termite presence. If you have Termites present in your home it is crucial to bring in some form of Termite Pest control, as it can lead to further complications the longer they remain in your home.



Empty nests

 All pests have a nesting area, so if a home has a rodent or bug problem, there will be a nest somewhere. Areas behind broken walls, garages, and under the floorboards are all places that you might find a nest. If you find a nest or even the remains of one, then this is a problem that you need to get onto fast. If you are not sure how to proceed, then think about calling in the professionals to see what they can do.



Conducting external checks

 Go outside and have a look around the different areas of your home like driveways, sidewalks, and the backyard so you can check for damages and places that might offer easy access for pests to enter and breed. If you have wide-open spaces, check there for anthills, trees for the termites, and window frames for wasps and sheds that are a good spot for mice, rats, and possums. Check under tress for droppings, and if you have fruit trees check they don’t have bite marks that can indicate possums.

Having a pest infestation is a complete nightmare. You could have permanent damage that is going to cost thousands to fix and not to mention the health risks that come with it, such as rats and mice that carry various diseases. The quicker you act, the sooner there is an end to the infestation. Don’t risk your home and the health of your family; check your home often for signs of rodents and pests to ensure you notice it sooner rather than later.