How to wear a contact lens for the first time and contact lens hygiene and contact lens care

How to put contact lenses for the first-time

Contacts are now the new trend. People wear lenses for practical as well as casual purposes. If you are a first-time contact lens wearer, then this blog will help you. So go on, read it through.

Before you start

Go and wash your hands with soap and water try and use something not perfumed which has anti-bacterial properties. Rinse and dry your hands using a lint-free cloth.

Check if the lens is the right way

contact lens wearer and coloured contact lens care and contact lens hygieneTo check your lens is the right way you place the lens right on the top of your finger. If the edge is round like a bowl you are good, but if the edges flare out, then the contact lenses are inside out.

Now you need to gently hold the upper eyelid with your left hand. This ensures you don’t blink or get the eyelashes in the way.

Now you pick up the contact with your right index finger and thumb and move it towards your eye carefully. It helps to look upward when you place the lens on your eye. Release your eyelid slowly and then close your eye for a minute so the lens can settle in. Repeat these steps for the other eye.

Taking your eye contacts out

Make sure your hands are clean like you did in the first step of putting the lenses in. now you start with your right eye, look up to the ceiling a d pull the lower lid down with your fingers. Move your index finger to that eye slowly and gently until you touch the lower edge of your contact lens where you then slither the lens downwards to the lower white part of the eye. Squeeze the lens gently between the index finger and thumb and take it out. Repeat these steps for the left eye.

Go ahead and discard the disposable contact lenses if these are what you are using. If you are using bi-weekly ones or the monthly type, ensure you clean and disinfect them and store them appropriately.

Don’t rinse your contact lenses with tap water. If you are unsure of anything don’t guess your remedy, but contact your eye doctor for advice.

Handling your contacts

Whether you are a regular wearer or an occasional one, contact lenses need to be handled with care. People wear lensed on various occasions such as office wear, Halloween, and many more. There are glow-in-the-dark contact lenses, white contacts, and many more. These along with the regular contacts should be handled similarly – that is with care. When it comes to handling your lenses, you will notice after a while it tends to become like second nature. There are even features available to help make the process easier.

Blue tinted lenses

Certain brands have lenses with a blue tint to make it easier for you to see in the package or the lenses storing case. You cannot see the tint when wearing the lenses.

Smarter edges help you to tell if the lens is inside out of not. When the lens is in the shape of a bowel, you are good to go and when the edges curve out then they are inside out.

When dealing with contact you will have a few worries like the common ones that people will scratch their eyes, or the contact lenses will become stuck to their eyeball. It might be nerve-wracking at first, but your lenses won’t get stuck to your eyeball and you won’t have to worry about scratching your eye as long as you relax and take your time. If you are having trouble your eye doctor can walk you through the process and help you along the way. Just make sure you follow the directions and advice given to you for the best care and installation of your contact lenses.

These techniques can be followed for both regular as well as coloured contact lenses. Coloured contact lenses are exactly like the regular ones, except they give the wearer their chosen coloured irises. The coloured contact lenses can either be used daily or sometimes. Many people prefer one-time use coloured contact lenses as it saves them the efforts of maintaining them and keeping them sanitized. While the regular wearers of coloured contact lenses usually prefer expensive lens, which needs care and all the practices mentioned above can be followed.

This blog attempts to cover eye care when wearing regular or coloured contact lenses. Eyes are very sensitive and you should make sure that you care for them thoroughly. The Australian Government also has a few pointers for eye health which you should definitely check out.