How To Pick A Good Rotary Screw Compressor For Manufacturing Plants

One might ask why they should buy rotary screw compressors. Well, rotary screw compressors are not only great by performance but this simple machine comes with two twin rotors that rotate in opposite directions draw air in. With no other valves or mechanical parts involved, it operates smoothly creating a whole array of benefits that contribute to the machine’s reliability and dependability in being a source of power ready to fuel a range of industrial applications and processes. Other than that, you might be interested to know what are the other advantages this incredible machine has to offer.


Beginning With The Basics

Rotary screw compressors, relatively, can perform in higher speeds as compared to the usual piston compressors due to its simple mechanism of not involving other mechanical mechanisms and valves except for the twin rotors decreasing and compressing air which results to smooth operations leaving no room for any imbalances.

Also, because of this, a large flow rate may be produced maximizing the power produced at a given time, even in small dimensions. The pitch and length of the screw determine the pressure ratio relative to the form of the discharge port.

Up Close With The Benefits

Here are the other benefits that make this machine remarkable:

  1. Despite its performance, it is 50% lighter than any other compressor who does the same work.
  2. Due to the minimal occurrence of imbalances, maintenance requirements are treated infrequently.
  3. Its smooth operations and production of great flow come with a low noise output which is approved by the OSHA.
  4. For the oil-lubricated kind, it just has the minimum oil carryover which is as low as 3ppm.
  5. Because of this, it has the lowest risk for overheating compared to the other compressors.
  6. This ensures the longer capacity to its operational life.

Who Does It Serve Best?

Considering the exemplary power a rotary screw compressor does, any commercial industry that holds high-volume daily operations are the best fit. It generates qualitative energy and can sustain it with minimal operational cost. The more work done at little time makes it the most beneficial choice. If you are an operating small business that envisions expansion in the future, you may also opt for a rotary compressor from the beginning instead of buying it later when the expansion happens. As for those who do simpler jobs like Do-it-yourself-type of a project, this may not be the best option, unless it turns out to become a business and your creations require continuous production. However, be reminded that pneumatic equipment and hand tools usually don’t need that much power and flow which the rotary screw compressor is made to fulfil.

If your work needs pure air because of its sensitive nature, there are two primary versions of a rotary screw compressor. One is oil-free and the other is injectable of oil. Both usually come with options if you want to go for fixed speed or not.

Determining The Best Rotary Screw Compressor For a Manufacturing Plant

Knowing the primary versions of the rotary screw should serve as the very basis of figuring the best rotary screw compressor for your plant. Since it’s solely categorized based on how involved oil is, probably it’s best to use the oil-free kind if your plant is manufacturing flammable products. This saves the entire plant from risky business and saves your workers from hazardous events.

Next thing to do is to assess your facility’s needs in terms of required power and flow. Are you imposing continuous production? How much do you target to produce per day? Per bulk? Per load? If you prefer oil-injected, will you impose production in terms of per gallon of oil used?

If you are unsure at any point from here, you may want to consider hiring an expert to look into it to assure allocation of resources. Specifically, time and money. The least that you want is to have the budget for something that would work productively, and for the long term as this is somehow an investment in itself as part of your business capital. With this much information and with the help of an expert, you can never go wrong in choosing the right rotary screw compressor for that manufacturing plant.